consumer insight

 Insight means gaining knowledge about something but at the same time having the feeling that you have always known it, only that your sub-conscious has not made it available to you yet. It addresses basic human needs, desires, frustrations, and longings and can be considered as an understanding of motivations and reasons for certain thoughts, ideas and behaviors. It can take the shape of self-awareness, common sense, an observation, a certain behavior or a feeling that the consumer can strongly identify with. Due to our experience, our interdisciplinary curiosity, our detective’s perception as well as our keen eye for details and for what is essential, extraordinary ideas can emerge, based on our involvement and discussion with the target group. Insight is the magic point at which creativity starts to work and it serves the only purpose of creating an idea.

Off the trodden path, we can develop a new way of thinking beyond the brand instruction manual by questioning long-serving traditions and customs. Thus, the newly awakened readiness to identify with the brand will propel it into a profitable future. On request with a roadmap.

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