strategic planning

SERENDIPITY develops concepts for a clear brand strategy. For a vision in order to make the future real. Based on a combination of brand complexity and brand personality and the unpredictable. By listening, asking questions and listening again as well as by paying attention to every detail, I always keep in mind the bigger picture.

From a perspective focused on the human being I understand and dynamically formulate the inner values of your brand as well as your distinctive brand personality. Clear and unique characteristics are the anchor of identification to your target with the brand. By taking into consideration these brand values I create the possibility of growth and improvement and room for manoeuvre while focusing on target groups, social developments, current trends and markets.

All this to find a balanced approach at every contact point between social reality and the brutal pace of innovation, both on the analogue and the digital level. The combination of data, intuition and the understanding of the mindset of the target group entirely serves as the springboard for a custom-fit expedient creative idea. All on one page.

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